Our lawyers provide assistance in opening bank accounts with trusted Bulgarian banks.

We open:

Personal Bank accounts

Business Bank accounts (Bulgarian company)

Business Bank accounts (Foreign entity / non-resident companies in Bulgaria)

BG Company Ltd has long term experience in the bank account application process. We have a positive track record with non-residents clients. The opening bank account in Bulgaria is not the easiest task – but is still possible. We advise you how to open a bank account in Bulgarian bank as a non-resident, having a limited liability company registered in Bulgaria with an accompanying representative of our team. Our representative will introduce you to the institution and assist in filling in all the documents. We will answer any questions related to the banking services offered.

Our team becomes your advisor and guide to Bulgarian banks and offers customized service based on the individual bank’s requirements. Each bank we partner with employs its own singular set of required documents, methods of work and risk policies. These factors turn our service into a strictly bespoken one, tailored to the needs and abilities of each client.

In addition, all Bulgarian Banks are required by law to carry out Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) checks before offering you a business bank account. Some banks may also not accept certain businesses for their own reasons. Regarding this, the physical presence at the bank branch of the manager is required.

All bank accounts are offered with debit cards which will be delivered along with the PIN slips to your home or office address abroad by express courier services.

After careful analysis and selection, we’ve chosen and established relations with the most prestigious, modern and innovative bank-leaders on the Bulgarian market, which have proved their professionalism over the years.  Opening a bank account in Bulgaria guarantees you secure and trouble-free payment in foreign currencies with your partners worldwide. Bulgaria is a SEPA participant, and domestic banks have multiple correspondent accounts with global banks and maintain an impeccable reputation on the international markets.

All deposits and current accounts are insured up to 100 000 EUR per bank in accordance with the common European policy for deposit insurance. Having a bank account in Bulgaria gives you access to all the achievements of European banking. Depending on your company profile and your needs, in a close dialogue with you we will choose the most suitable bank.

You’ll be happy to know that the national currency – BGN – has been pegged to the EUR at a fixed rate, which makes working with accounts in BGN safe and without FX risk. You still have a huge choice, as all banking institutions in the country offer accounts in EUR, USD, CHF, GBP and in some cases, CAD, JPY and SEK – all to better serve your business interest. Upon receipt of payments in a currency different than the one of the account, the amount is automatically exchanged into the main currency of your account.  Each account operates with online banking in English, which gives access to your funds at any time and any location. At the customer’s request, debit cards VISA or MasterCard can be issued, which is another way for having fast and reliable access to your company funds.

What documents and details do I need to provide to open a bank account in Bulgaria?

  • A valid passport or national ID card
  • Up-to-date mobile phone and email address
  • An address for correspondence purposes
  • A minimum deposit amount to activate the account
  • A certificate of good standing (required for company bank accounts
  • The bank account is activated and a slip with your online login details is handed on the spot
  • The bank card can be delivered to your address abroad or collected from the bank in person once issued


The initial introduction of the client to the bank

Receiving a preliminary and non-binding approval by the bank for opening the account

Preparation and filling in the necessary forms, providing detailed instructions on how to sign and notarize them (if required)

Translation of your documents into Bulgarian and their legalization, as the banks only accept documents that are accompanied by an official translation into Bulgarian

Communication with the bank until activation of your account, e-banking and receiving the bank card by you

An accompanying representative of BG Company. Our representative will introduce you to the institution and assist in filling in all the documents. We will answer any questions related to the banking services offered.